W3S3 [bri:ð] v
3 somebody can breathe easy/easily
4 breathe a sigh of relief
5 be breathing down somebody's neck
6 not breathe a word
7 breathe life into something
11¦(say something quietly)¦
12 breathe your last (breath)
13 breathe fire
Phrasal verbs
 breathe in
 breathe out
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: breath]
1.) ¦(AIR)¦ [I and T]
to take air into your lungs and send it out again
The room filled with smoke, and it was becoming difficult to breathe.
People are concerned about the quality of the air they breathe.
Relax and breathe deeply (=take in a lot of air) .
2.) ¦(BLOW)¦ [I and T]
to blow air or smoke out of your mouth
breathe on
Roy breathed on his hands and rubbed them together vigorously.
breathe sth over sb
The fat man opposite was breathing garlic all over me.
3.) sb can breathe easy/easily
used when saying that someone can relax because a worrying or dangerous situation has ended
With stocks going up, investors can breathe easily.
4.) breathe a sigh of relief
to stop being worried or frightened about something
Once the deadline passed, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
5.) be breathing down sb's neck informal
to pay very close attention to what someone is doing in a way that makes them feel nervous or annoyed
How can I concentrate with you breathing down my neck all the time?
6.) not breathe a word
to not tell anyone anything at all about something, because it is a secret
Don't breathe a word; it's supposed to be a surprise.
7.) breathe life into sth
to change a situation so that people feel more excited or interested
Critics are hoping the young director can breathe new life into the French film industry.
8.) ¦(SKIN)¦
if your skin can breathe, air can reach it
if cloth or clothing breathes, air can pass through it so that your body feels pleasantly cool and dry
10.) ¦(WINE)¦ [I]
if you let wine breathe, you open the bottle to let the air get to it before you drink it
[i]written to say something very quietly, almost in a whisper
'Wait,' he breathed.
12.) breathe your last (breath)
literary to die
13.) breathe fire
to talk and behave in a very angry way
live and breathe sth atlive1 (19)
breathe in phr v
to take air into your lungs
The doctor made me breathe in while he listened to my chest.
breathe sth<=>in
Wyatt breathed in the cool ocean air.
breathe out phr v
to send air out from your lungs
Jim breathed out deeply.
breathe sth<=>out
Lauren lit up a cigarette, then breathed out a puff of smoke.
WORD FOCUS: breathe
to breathe in: inhale (formal)
to breathe out: exhale (formal)
to breathe noisily: sniff, snore (=when sleeping)
snort, sigh
to breathe with difficulty: gasp, pant, wheeze, be short of breath, be out of breath
to be unable to breathe: choke, suffocate
See also: respiration, lung

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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